Hassle-free virtual depositions

(that are arguably even better than in-person)

We’ve cracked the code.

Simply question the witness like you normally would, and our depo technician takes care of document exchange and presentation for you. There's no need for you to fumble with technology at all.

What’s a Virtual Depo by Trialedge?

Web Conference and File Share

Web Conference
and File Share

Video conferencing and easy exhibit exchange.

Remote Stenographer


Transcript & realtime.

Deposition Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Exhibit presentation & videography.

Virtual Depo Concierge

Virtual Depo

Stress-free experience on every deposition.

Simply speak to the witness and we take care of exhibit introduction and exchange.

Our solution is designed to closely mirror the in-room experience. Just show up at the web conference and conduct your deposition as you normally would. No need to learn or manage any complex technology at all.

Virtual Depo Deliverables

Witness View Witness View
Split Screen Split Screen
Document View Document View

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    Out with the old

    Out with the old

    • Fumbling to find and share virtual exhibits
    • Marking exhibits yourself
    • Technical difficulties and mistakes
    • High cost, low value
    In with the new

    In with the new

    • Focus on your witness, not the technology
    • Share any document in seconds
    • Present any page, any paragraph, in real time
    • No complex software to learn

    Benefits of our remote
    deposition solution

    • No custom and complex legal software to learn.
    • No complex process to introduce and mark exhibits.
    • Simply speak to the witness, and we take care of the rest.