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Jeremiah Kelman

When COVID-19 hit and we were faced with a prolonged shut down, our clients, and partners came to us with questions on how to best support remote depositions. Out of my efforts to deliver guidance on best practices to the legal community, I worked with my team to craft the remote depo solution that I would have wanted when I was a lawyer. In designing this solution, the key goal was, to provide an experience that would be effortless and hassle free, from beginning to end. And in turn, the end product (not just the service itself) had to be trial-ready.

Litigation support vendors may suggest that they can easily enable a remote deposition, hearing, or arbitration with little trade-offs. But it's not so simple.

Here’s the thing. Custom solutions offered by court reporting vendors sound great on paper. But they cannot offer a 100% remote deposition in a way that’s practical, easy, requires little to no training and setup, or comes close to replicating the in-room experience. In a high stakes depo, the questioning attorney needs to focus attention on the witness, not on exhibit presentation software that looks like it was built in the 1990s.

There’s a better way. Just like at trial, a hot seat completely transforms the depo experience. Share any document, any page, any paragraph. Better yet, share documents just by questioning the witness - automatically. No complex software to learn, and no training required.

Isn’t this expensive? Actually not really. While we focus on high stakes matters, we are offering this service at rates that are less than - and at least not more than - the expense of a videographer-supported deposition. Taking into account cost savings on travel, hotel, paralegal time, binder printing, and the lack of videographer, there’s little to no increase in cost over a traditional deposition.

Trialedge leverages its years of experience on dozens of high stakes trials, to bring you a stress-free remote deposition experience that replicates an in-room experience, and requires little to no training. We hope you’ll take a look at the resources we’ve provided here.

When you are ready to learn more, I’m happy to hop on a call or Zoom, demonstrate for you what our solution looks like, as well as learn more about your needs and answer any questions you might have.


Signature Jeremiah Kelman
Principal & Senior Consultant